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Kacper Orlikowski (born 1986 in Rybnik), also known as Kacper HTA - Polish rapper. A member of the bands Hipotonia WIWP and Nie Dlaszystkich, as well as the Ciemna Strefa, WIWP and Załoga collectives. Former member of the Ganja Mafia team.

The rapper's debut solo album entitled Ghetto Sound was released on November 7, 2012. The material was recorded in cooperation with the music producer Fuso. Guest appearances on the album include Bas Tajpan, Bob One and Kali. The publishing house was promoted with music videos for the songs "Ghetto Sound", "Bomboclat" and "Szukamy miłość".

On June 6, 2014, Orlikowski's second album entitled Ready for Everything was released. The recordings were produced by, among others Gibbs, No Name Full of Fame, Milion Beats and DNA. In turn, the guests on the album included, among others Paluch, GMB and Felipe FNS. The album was the rapper's first commercial success. The recordings took 13th place on the Polish charts (OLiS). As part of the promotion, music videos were made for the songs from the album: "Nie się indrożny", "When the day sleeps" and "Stranger".

On May 15, 2015, the premiere of the joint album of Kacper and the music producer PSR entitled Tabula Rasa. The recordings reached the 17th place of the OLiS ranking. The material was promoted with music videos for the songs "Wilk", "When will come such a day" and "I can be alone".

Kacper HTA Albums

Iluzja Iluzja Kacper HTA Released May 31, 2019 3 96
Underdog Underdog Kacper HTA Released December 20, 2019 2 54