Jordan D. Mitchell About

Jordan D. Mitchell is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer & rapper born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Stockton, California. He spent most of his early years learning bass, composition and creating beats on an iPhone 4 when he was young. Growing up in both southwest Stockton & South Sacramento his music reflections the trauma of gang violence, poverty and class. He went to University of Santa Barbara to earn his degree in composition and released his first mixtape Don’t Touch My Danimals to local success in 2019, blending jazz, mariachi, trap & hip-hop. Blowing up with satirical songs such as Sancho & Bird J.D.M popularity grew phenomenally with these releases in the college town of Isla Vista. While satire was the goal of DTMD, his side project known as Doctor Tasmanian was created as an ode to gothic horror and anime, treating each song like chapter from a manga.

His debut EP I’LL APOLOGIZE LATER shifts largely in tone as an adult coming of age story focusing on mental health, e-girls, adultery, being black in America, gang violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse. It is raw, full of conflict, story telling and plays out like a tragedy. The rapper-composer holds nothing back in this vulgar album, establishing himself as a genre-fluid producer whose storytelling is visual as a cinematic drama.