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“Born in a small town in Ohio, I have been engaged with music, poetry, and art from an early age. From my adolescent years in garage bands to my teenage years with Apple’s Garageband, music has always played a major role in my life. My most recent musical direction is the culmination of a life lived through music.

The combination of genres;
Rock, Rap, Pop, Folk, Electronic, Classical, ect.
The combination of instruments;
Guitar, piano, drums, and digital workstations
The combination of themes;
Growing up, being true to oneself, following your dreams,
appreciating the life you live.

My journey is one of authenticity, I want the opportunity of spreading my message, through music, to as many people as possible. To show anyone + everyone that you can make whatever you want out of yourself. You don’t need money or material goods, only a dream."

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