Jesuly About

Jesuly, a Sevillian MC who already surprised us with the impudence of the first demo of him with only 15 years. After his maxi “To se Tuerse”, his first LP Escorpión made an impact on the music scene due to the rawness and directness of his lyrics, in which he talks about everyday issues, from the particular vision of an 18-year-old.

In Scorpion, such harsh subjects as "El Agujero" surprise, in which he recounts the harsh reality of the world that surrounds cocaine. However, we cannot forget the seal that would define the instrumental taste and the most impressive songs of this young Mc, freshness, with songs like “Días” already presented in his demo and included in Escorpión as a remix.

Without abandoning the humble tone of his lyrics, he comes closer to us with a Sevillian accent that he does not intend to hide, giving it a stamp of authenticity and a trait of identity without opportunism, something that he maintains from the first demo of him.

After the tour of “Escorpión 2005” in which El Límite accompanied him, these Sevillian MC's come together again to relate the adventures that surrounded this tour throughout Spain, from which a spontaneous and powerful theme has emerged where the feeling between Jesuly and the three of Pino Montano is demonstrated.

In 2020, he has a career and a total of 5 LP's, including Mi Llama (2008), Malas Hierbas (2013) or La Mente en Negro (2018). The tireless MC from Seville continues to surprise us with a variety of unreleased singles marked by the dark, hardcore and shameless style that has been accompanying him throughout his discography.

Jesuly Albums

Mi Llama Mi Llama Jesuly Released November 19, 2008 3 61
De Oro De Oro Jesuly Released March 4, 2006 2 57
Escorpion Escorpion Jesuly Released September 29, 2004 6 89
To Se Tuerse To Se Tuerse Jesuly Released 2004 1 49