JayVon Deontae About

Ja’Von Deontae Shears, who performs as JayVon Deontae was born in Houston, Texas on March 4, 1995. He was raised in a single parent home by his mother, Delisha Herd in Baytown, Texas. As a middle child of three children, he always stayed to himself and loved to play football and basketball. Even though he loved sports, JayVon could always remember music playing in the house or even having family members singing and dancing. JayVon comes from a family who loves music and loves to perform. He states, “As a child I never wanted to do music, I was more into sports. Music was always around me but it wasn’t my thing at first. My first inspiration in music was my family, my uncles who were always singing and making music.”

At the age of 14, JayVon started freestyle rapping with his older cousins. His first hip hop influences were Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Chamillionaire. JayVon remembers, “When I first heard Tha Crossroads by Bone, I fell in love with their fast paced rapping and harmonizing. I saw it was something different in the hip hop world and I started gravitating more to that style, then I remember hearing Chamillionaire’s verse on From the South. At that time I never heard a Houston rapper with that type of lyricism and delivery, hearing him made me want to get into rapping more.”

JayVon Deontae’s passion for hip hop became more serious and he started rapping over beats whenever he could get a chance. He got his mom to start buying equipment so he could have his own studio. He found his first love and it was hip hop. In 2012, he joined a group named UFO (Unblemished Fly Original), with his friends from high school, Shawn Delleyon and La’Trill Kartel. They started their own Youtube page and started uploading videos and music. At this time JayVon started producing songs for the group as well as songs for himself. The group started performing at house parties and car shows around town. Two years later, the group split up and became solo artists but to this day they still represent the group and continue to do music together.

JayVon has released two mixtapes, “Annihilating Instrumentals" and “Annihilating Instrumentals 2”, and plans on releasing an EP called “Blazed” he does not have a release date at this time. JayVon Deontae continue to make music and produce for local artists. He continues to work hard on his skills and wants to make a mark on the industry.