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The Jackpot released in September 2014 their first single titled “Onerio Zo” in collaboration with Zan Batist, and in June 2015 they made two albums, the song “Ti Amo” in collaboration with the Thessaloniki singer Giannis Kechagia and participate in singer Giannis Ieremias I will steal it. In addition to a raper, Jackpot is also a creator by signing the lyrics in all of the above singles and has also signed rap lyrics to the hit remix come back of Master Tempo. Since September 2014, they have been participating in the tour Master Tempo “Hamos Tha Ginei” they will tour in Greece and abroad, while also performing their own performances. 2018, finds the band in an original release. Their new song titled “Dino Pono” came to stay and the video clip will be discussed since it is the first Greek video clip with BDSM references.

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