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J. Parker (Formerly known as Jotandjota) made his first appearance in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, winning the Sevillian semifinal in 2007 and finishing second in the National Final, he also appeared in 2008 as a guest for being a finalist in the previous edition. On April 1, 2009 he presented his first work entitled "V de Viñetas", a demo that reached a large number of downloads and was acclaimed by the public.

In 2011 he started the project "The Amazing Jotandjota Parker", which consists of periodically released video clips with exclusive themes that do not appear in any work, which focus on everyday aspects of his life. The title refers to his side more "Peter Parker" compared to "Spiderman" referring to that duality of the character in the comics, for these occasions he usually has the last name Parker next to his name, which he continued to do in other issues. personal.

On October 16, 2012 his first album comes out, called "Sincericidio", which is a perfect sample of the dual world that Jotandjota has mounted on his head. The first 5 cuts of the album are not really by Jotandjota, but by an evil character named Jesse James, an alter ego with a license to destroy everything, to destroy, to provoke, to speak openly about what no one dares. Jesse himself says "I'm not Jotandjota, but I have the same initials" (a phrase that comes from the character in the theme of "Insanity"). The story of Jesse James, his childhood, his troubles and his deceptions, is the monster inside him ... If the title were divided into 2 words, this first part would be the murder. From the sixth cut, sincerity comes into play, the other part, the other world of Jotandjota. Doubts, dilemmas, hangovers, reflections arrive ... Jotandjota in its purest form writing master rhymes and perfectly reaching the ears of the listener, it reaches him and feels identified with those messages.

In 2015, Parker, Jotandjota's second LP, goes on sale. Experimenting with sounds far removed from classic rap but without losing the essence of the artist, we find ourselves before a complete, versatile album that offers us a theme for every occasion. This would be the last full-length job in which he would use the alias "Jotandjota."

After an EP titled 24h in collaboration with Nous Nizzy, at the end of 2017 En el 41 arrives, work with which he makes his change from A.K.A. official. by J. Parker.

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