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I Cani is the musical project of the Roman singer-songwriter and producer Niccolò Contessa. Live, I Cani are a group formed by Niccolò Contessa (vocals, keyboards), Valerio Bulla (bass), Simone Ciarocchi (drums), Andrea Suriani (keyboards) and Francesco Bellani (keyboards).

After some experiences in electronic music groups, Contessa created I Cani in 2010, publishing the songs “Wes Anderson” and “I pariolini di 18 anni” on Soundcloud and YouTube. A certain amount of attention will soon be created around the figure of the singer-songwriter, also fueled by his initial choice to remain anonymous.

In 2011, I Cani's surprising debut album, followed by a tour where the band members showed up with paper bags covering their faces; the bags were then removed during the concert, and Contessa stopped using them on the tours of her subsequent albums.

Thanks to the following two works, Glamor and Aurora, the I Cani project is further increasing in popularity. Singles like "Baby Soldier", "The Coldest Place" and "Won't End" helped kickstart the rise of the indie or itpop universe.

In November 2017 the Facebook page of I Cani was canceled without any notice, a choice later explained by Contessa in a post on the Facebook page of the 42 Records label:

I Cani Albums

Aurora Aurora I Cani Released January 29, 2016 4 30