Herzog About

Herzog is a rapper from Berlin, more precisely from Kreuzberg, who was born in 1985. Before he made his rap debut, he claims to have earned his living with his “illegal business”. He sold several kilograms of weed and cocaine to make money. Apparently he once owned a large cannabis plantation too. Very famous songs by him are for example No Night Without Drugs, EHFD, From Berlin to Prague and Leaves That Mean the World. His songs are about drugs, dealing and violence, which may sound very jaded at first. But his technique is great, he often raps double time and finds good rhymes that go straight to the ear.

Herzog Albums

Herzi Herzi Herzog Released January 8, 2021 1 49
Herzogs Outdoor Season Herzogs Outdoor Season Herzog Released January 10, 2020 8 64
Bombenprodukt Bombenprodukt Herzog Released February 22, 2019 3 38
Ein Herz für Drogen Ein Herz für Drogen Herzog Released November 19, 2011 8 38
Corner Hustle Corner Hustle Herzog Released August 17, 2008 2 40