Herman Medrano About

He is one of the rappers who brought the Venetian language into their compositions, he began his career in the first half of the 90s by participating in the strong growth of Italian rap of the period under the pseudonym of Uno. In 1993 he published the demotape "Mente-Voce Connection" after a two-year work on rhymes and the collaboration with Codice Rosso and Andrea degli Aritmia and the work on the bases of DJ Zeta. From his first works and concerts based in Parona and Veronese, he moved to Treviso for the Centro Della Terra project and for the production of the ABC album, recorded together with DJ Shocca and released in 1997.

In 1998 Uno became Herman Medrano (taking a little from his real name, Ermanno Menegazzo) and started working on a new album that came out in January 2001 under the name of "160x50" which is composed of 17 tracks There are many faces of hip hop from Veneto such as Mistaman, Frank Siciliano, Ciacca and Osteria Lirica. With bases produced not only by Shocca and Medrano, but also by Citze, Frank Siciliano, Davoucci and Dj Rough. The album features two tracks in Veneto: “Bordeo” and “Bati chèe man”, embryos of the future rap in the Venetian language. The real turning point for Medrano came in 2003: he moved to Treviso and switched to expression in the Venetian language.

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