God Module About

God Mod founder and mastermind Jasyn Bangert has brought the sounds of his childhood dreams to life as musical nightmares. Aided live by Andrew Pearson, God Module takes all the Electro – Gothic – Industrial cliches and systematically tears them apart. They are stitched back together again to create a constantly mutating soundtrack to the most fucked up horror film you will never see…your life!

Short autobiography from the info page of God Module’s Website

God Module Albums

Prophecy Prophecy God Module Released October 16, 2015 2 59
Empath 2.0 Empath 2.0 God Module Released January 22, 2013 4 56
Séance Séance God Module Released September 13, 2011 3 55
The Magic in My Heart Is Dead The Magic in My Heart Is Dead God Module Released February 23, 2010 1 58
Viscera Viscera God Module Released October 11, 2004 4 52
Empath Empath God Module Released 2003 8 52
Artificial Artificial God Module Released 1999 6 61