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Giuseppe Dati, also known as Beppe Dati (Camaiore, 9 November 1950), is an Italian musician and lyricist.

In the 70s, while he was a clerk in a leather goods shop in the Santa Croce area of ​​Florence, he met Gianni Rodari who brought him closer to the world of childhood: thus he began to set the writer's poems to music and then to compose his own songs for guys.

In 1982 he released his first and only album, Beppe Dati.

Later he established himself as an author and composer, collaborating in the writing of songs known as Cosa resterà from the 80s and Today a God I have not sung by Raf, Desperate interpreted by Marco Masini, Men do not change by Mia Martini, Cirano and Don Quixote written for Francesco Guccini.

In the early 90s he took care of the repertoire of Marco Masini and Paolo Vallesi, while in 1999 he began a collaboration with Laura Pausini for the album Tra te e il mare.

he also collaborates with Francesco Guccini, with whom he writes Cirano, Don Quixote, Cristoforo Colombo and Quel Giorno di aprile.

He also wrote the musical composition for "Robin Hood", a musical directed by Christian Ginepro that was staged in 2008.

he He also composed the lyrics of Italian cartoon themes, for example the one (sung by Giorgio Vanni) of the anime of Naruto Shippuden.

In 2016 he is among the authors of the song Blu, presented at the Sanremo Festival 2016 by Irene Fornaciari.

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