Freeze Corleone About

Freeze Corleone, whose real name is Issa Lorenzo Diakhaté, is a rapper and producer, founder of the League of Shadows (aka 667) and of CFR. Born on June 6, 1992 in Les Lilas to an Italian mother and a Senegalese father, he lived part of his life in Pantin (93), Dakar and Montreal.

After starting rap in 2004, in the early 2010s he created the collective 667, with Jorrdee. Freeze collaborates regularly with the various members, including Norsacce, Zuukou Mayzie, Osirus Jack or Slim C.

Freeze Corleone is known for his cutting verses, regularly addressing conspiracy theories, but also for his many nicknames (Chen Zen, Tom Elvis, Associate Professor,…) and his gimmicks including the famous “ekip” taken up by his audience . The rapper seems to develop his career by being influenced by artists from across the Atlantic such as Fredo Santana or King Heenok, sometimes mentioned in his titles, but also by following the influence of US rap from the Atlanta and Chicago stages. He propels in France, with other rappers, like Ashe 22, the musical genre of UK drill, of which he is one of the main ambassadors in France.

After six projects between 2011 and 2017, he became known to the rap public thanks to his mixtape Project Blue Beam, released in 2018. He continued his ascent by collaborating with artists already installed as Alkpote, Kalash Criminel, Luv Resval, King Heenok, or even Django. The artist is also making a stint with his song “Desiigner” on the COLORS channel, known worldwide for welcoming artists from all walks of life.

Highly anticipated, his first album, LMF, or La Menace Fantôme, is released on September 11, 2020. After his esteem success with PBB, the rapper finally gets himself a well-deserved commercial success: the rapper's first studio album accumulates some five million streams and this only during the first day of operation. Quickly rising as one of the best French start-ups of 2020, the rapper sells 15,325 copies of the album in three days.

On October 2, 2020, Freeze Corleone obtained their first gold record for the LMF album, a new step in their career but also a new sign of their commercial success.

Increasingly popular, the Senegalese rapper is attracting new listeners. Among these, some tackle controversial phases, sometimes considered anti-Semitic, for example on “Offline”, or even its multiple references to figures of Nazism. Shortly after the release of the LMF album, the distributor Universal Music decided to no longer collaborate with Freeze Corleone following an investigation by the French courts. The songs “Freeze Raël” and “Rap catechism” with Alpha Wann are thus removed from the YouTube platform, before being put back online a few days later. On October 13, 2020, the music distribution platform SoundCloud closes the account of Freeze Corleone, where he made his musical debut.

Freeze Corleone Albums

LMF LMF Freeze Corleone Released September 11, 2020 7 133
Projet Blue Beam Projet Blue Beam Freeze Corleone Released November 13, 2018 4 466
THC THC Freeze Corleone Released September 11, 2017 6 134
Vieilles merdes vol.II Vieilles merdes vol.II Freeze Corleone Released January 8, 2016 6 119
Vieilles merdes Vieilles merdes Freeze Corleone Released October 12, 2012 8 114