Father Rhyme About

Nathaniel Joseph Williams, aka Father Rhyme, is a young rap artist from New Jersey looking to share his story and vision for a better, more unified world through his music. Though his first single, Hibiscus Leaves, wasn’t released until 2019, he had been performing music since 2016 at his high school’s shows. He would be on vocals for all genres, ranging from songs by Rage Against the Machine to The Ink Spots. He brands himself as a performer before anything else, dedicating himself to the work that he does. Father Rhyme also hosts a radio show on WMSC Radio, the radio station of Montclair State University, and DJs, both under the alias DJ Challenger.

Father Rhyme Albums

Carnivals w/ Friends Carnivals w/ Friends Father Rhyme Released September 27, 2019 5 36