Exumer About

Exumer is a german thrash metal band formed in Wiesbaden in 1985. The band broke up in 1991 after two demos and two albums. The first album, Possessed by Fire, moves on the same line of Into the Dark Past, the second album Rising From the Sea is rather more obvious the influence of Slayer thanks to the voice of Paul Arakaki. Soon after this album the band broke up only to reform in the 2001 during the exhibition at Wacken Open Air. In 2009 Exumer released a one track demo called Waking the Fire. Exumer released their third album Fire & Damnation in April 2012, followed four years later by their fourth album The Raging Tides.

Exumer Albums

Hostile Defiance Hostile Defiance Exumer Released April 5, 2019 2 31
The Raging Tides The Raging Tides Exumer Released January 29, 2016 6 36
Fire & Damnation Fire & Damnation Exumer Released April 6, 2012 4 31
Rising From the Sea Rising From the Sea Exumer Released September 1987 2 32
Possessed by Fire Possessed by Fire Exumer Released November 8, 1986 3 33