Esa About

Esa (also known as El Presidente), stage name of Francesco Cellamaro (Reggio Calabria, 1 October 1972), is an Italian rapper, DJ and producer, among the pioneers of hip hop culture in our country.

Raised in Varese, in the early 1990s he founded the historic collective OTR (Otierre), giving a strong impetus to the hip hop scene in Varese. In the following years he collaborated on the works of leading exponents of Italian rap (Fritz da Cat, Colle Der Fomento, Neffa, Gruff, Lord Bean and others), also establishing contacts with rappers and crews of other European realities, founding the collective La Connection (numerous are collaborations with Belgian rapper Rival Capone, CNN and German rapper Tony L, for example).

With the OTR he produces various works such as the demo L'Anno della Riscossa (1992), the album Quel Sapore Particolare (1994, in which the single When you least expect it is present, which is a good radio success) and the classic Dalla Sede (1997).

At the end of the 90s he founded the group Gente Guasta together with the rapper Polare (also part of the OTR), with whom he produced 3 discs: La grande Truffa del Rap (2000), Quinto Potere (2001) and Tuned (2013) .

To all this are added about 15 solo albums between 2002 (year of release of All the Men of the President) and 2015 (year of publication of Pedigree), 2 discs and 2 EPs together with his brother Tormento (under the name Siamesi Brothers) and numerous other collaborations and parallel projects. In 2016 he comes out with the album Novanta, which sees the collaboration of Fritz from Cat, Kuno, Bat, Zampa and others.

In 2018 he announces the end of his career as a rapper and wants to continue, in the artistic field, as a painter, composer and director.

In 2019 he retraces his steps and on 4 July 2019 he publishes, together with DJ Skizo, the album Sangue & Amore.

Esa Albums

Tu Sei Bravo Tu Sei Bravo Esa Released June 27, 2006 1 35
Verde Privacy Ep Verde Privacy Ep Esa Released February 16, 2018 4 29
Il 2ndo Atto Il 2ndo Atto Esa Released May 8, 2017 1 29
Il Pianeta Verde Mixtape Il Pianeta Verde Mixtape Esa Released March 12, 2015 1 37