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Edin Dervišhalidović (born on September 12, 1962 in Sarajevo), better known as Dino Merlin, is a Bosnian pop-rock singer and composer. He is one of the greatest Ex-Yu authors and singers, and the winner of numerous awards, and twice a participant in the Eurovision Song Contest. He is the author of the text of the first anthem of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina "You are the only one". He began his musical career with the group Merlin in 1983, for which he wrote lyrics, music, and sang at the time, making him one of the most prominent frontmen in the former Yugoslavia. With the group Merlin he recorded 5 studio albums: Kokuzna vremena (1985), Teško meni sa tobom a još tvoje bez tebe (1986), Merlin (1987), Nešto lijepo treba da desi (1989) and Peta strana svijeta (1990). He began his solo career in 1991 under the pseudonym "Dino Merlin". The lyrics for the mass audience, derived from personal experience, are one of the main reasons that allows him to be known as one of the greatest authors on the Bosnian and regional music scene. Increasingly, Dino uses instruments of oriental, ethno music, harmonized with the new sounds of electronic music. A great example of this is the song "Sam" from his album "Sredinom". Since 1991, he has recorded several albums, several of which are compilations and concert recordings. The album "Sredinom" (2000) was one of the best-selling albums in Southeast Europe in the early 2000s. After the release of the album "Sredinom", Dino organized a concert in Sarajevo, which was attended by more than 80,000 fans of his music. To his long list of successes, he adds two participations in the national elections for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1999, Dino Merlin won and represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision final in Jerusalem, winning seventh place. At the 56th Eurovision Song Contest held in Germany, Dino Merlin represented Bosnia and Herzegovina with a song called "Love in Rewind". The song was premiered at the BH Eurosong competition. It was probably the first time Dino had sung a song in English. He won the sixth place and surpassed his ranking from 1999 in Jerusalem, and achieved the second best placement of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this prestigious competition. He also successfully participates in several international festivals (Denmark, Turkey, etc.). On May 30, 2014, the song "Rose" was released, which is also the first song from his 11th album called "Hotel Nacional", which in June 2014 was on Billboard's world charts in 8th place. He is known as one of the few musicians and singers who, in addition to large Balkan halls, also filled large stadiums as part of promotional and concert activities in the last 20 or more years. His numerous hits have garnered multimillion-dollar views on YouTube. In addition to music, he also held administrative positions where, as part of the Association of Composers and Musicians (AMUS), he held the position of President of the Assembly in the period 2014-2019. He is married and has two children, and currently lives in Sarajevo.

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1 Tamo gdje je sunce Dino Merlin 212 2 Lazu Me Dino Merlin 101 3 Ti i ja (Sarajevski veliki park) Dino Merlin 101 4 Fotografija Dino Merlin 90 5 Na Vi Dino Merlin 90 6 Esma Dino Merlin 88 7 Zid Dino Merlin 83 8 Vojnik Srece Dino Merlin 82 9 Jedna si jedina Dino Merlin 81 10 I ovo prođe Dino Merlin 76 11 Samo Sam Ti Ja Isti Ostao Dino Merlin 75 12 Ruža Dino Merlin 74 13 Drama Dino Merlin 74 14 Moja Pjesma Dino Merlin 73 15 Dabogda Dino Merlin 72 16 Palidrvce Dino Merlin 68 17 Tebi Je Lako Dino Merlin 68 18 Otkrit' Ću Ti Tajnu Dino Merlin 65 19 E Otkad Mi Se Nisi Javila Dino Merlin 64 20 Hotel Nacional Dino Merlin 61 21 Sunce Dino Merlin 61 22 Cijela Juga Jedna Avlija Dino Merlin 59 23 Bez Obzira Na Sve Dino Merlin 56 24 Hitna Dino Merlin 55 25 Sibirska Dino Merlin 55 26 De facto Fato Dino Merlin 55 27 Mostarska Dino Merlin 53 28 Verletzt Dino Merlin 53 29 Ne Zovi Me Na Grijeh Dino Merlin 50 30 Grudobolja Dino Merlin 50 31 Nek' Padaju Cuskije Dino Merlin 50 32 Tesko Meni Sa Tobom Dino Merlin 49 33 Ne Daj Me Nikome Dino Merlin 49 34 Individualizam Dino Merlin 47 35 Uspavanka za Gorana B. by Merlin Dino Merlin 46 36 Nemam Ja Osamnaest Godina Dino Merlin 46 37 Baska Ti Dino Merlin 45 38 Undo Dino Merlin 45 39 Prokletog Me Bog Stvorio by Merlin Dino Merlin 44 40 KAD TI DOĐEM, NESREĆO by Merlin Dino Merlin 44 41 Ja Potpuno Trijezan Umirem Dino Merlin 43 42 Moj Je Zivot Švicarska Dino Merlin 41 43 Pogledaj Sa Prozora Dino Merlin 40 44 Vojnik Srece Dino Merlin 0 45 Palidrvce Dino Merlin 0 46 I ovo prođe Dino Merlin 0 47 Fotografija Dino Merlin 0 48 Zid Dino Merlin 0 49 Jedna si jedina Dino Merlin 0 50 Lazu Me Dino Merlin 0 51 Esma Dino Merlin 0 52 Drama Dino Merlin 0 53 Ti i ja (Sarajevski veliki park) Dino Merlin 0 54 Na Vi Dino Merlin 0 55 Samo Sam Ti Ja Isti Ostao Dino Merlin 0