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Di-Meh, from his first name Mehdi, born June 30, 1995, is a Swiss rapper from Geneva, who grew up between the neighborhoods of Palettes and Pâquis. He is a member of the SuperWak Clique and 13Sarkastick collectives, and signed with the Geneva label Colors Records.

With the other members of the SuperWak Clique, in particular Slimka and Makala, also members of the label, they together form the main showcase of Swiss rap from 2015. Today in growing popularity, they have succeeded in imposing Switzerland in the French-speaking rap landscape, both for the touch they bring to their songs and for their energy spent on stage at each concert, “the rage, the hatred, the resentment” as he describes it. Their XTRM TOUR which brings together the three rappers has been running since early 2017 and Di-Meh has also made many first parts of the Flip Tour and Flip Skate Tour in France of the Parisian Lomepal, sharing skateboarding as a common passion. In October 2017, he launched his own line of legal cannabis in Switzerland called “CBD420”, a Di-Meh Edition series. He also graduated from a business school.

His father Mohammed, arrived from Algeria in 1987 and tried his luck in football before taking over an oriental restaurant run by his brother, while his mother Khadija, of Moroccan origin, worked in the luxury hotel industry. Mehdi was born in Geneva in 1995, where he grew up with his parents and younger sister Sara, and was undocumented until the age of two.

A great skateboarder since his childhood, he spends a lot of time at the Plainpalais skatepark in Geneva, not far from where he grew up, a sport to which he makes many references in his texts. It was mainly thanks to skateboarding that he discovered rap culture, also working for six years at 242 Shop. As a teenager, he did part of his schooling in Conches, wrote his first rhymes and traveled to Paris to participate in open mics, improv tournaments. He stayed with his cousin Jamel in Barbès and thus became acquainted in the early 2010s with artists from the capital such as members of the 75th Session, 1995, Panama Bende or even some Belgian artists of the new wave, who l 'help to realize his first projects and is invited to featurings.

In March 2019, he was prone to a polyp on his vocal cords and said, “I was operated on with no talk for a month and a half. I did rehabilitation with a speech therapist. I had a high pitched voice since I was young, my timbre has changed. There will be a before and an after ”, and takes care to record his Fake love project at Studio Colors before the operations. Swiss does not claim to be influenced only by hip-hop but also by various world music such as raï, rumba, gnawa or even Brazilian music, any music with a strong colonial past, feeling close to certain peoples who have experienced war. Renowned for his madness and eccentricity at the microphone, he sets only few limits in his music and multiplies collaborations with French-speaking producers and artists, sometimes even creating his pieces on stage.

As a solo artist, he already has five EPs to his credit, released between 2013 and 2016:
- Like clockwork
- Keep calm
- Dimeh Hendrix
- Between rap and real life
- Shine

Di-Meh Albums

Fake love Fake love Di-Meh Released May 10, 2019 7 57
Focus Part. 1 Focus Part. 1 Di-Meh Released May 10, 2017 2 33
Shine Shine Di-Meh Released May 10, 2016 4 29
Dimeh Hendrix Dimeh Hendrix Di-Meh Released February 2, 2015 1 31
Reste Calme Reste Calme Di-Meh Released May 10, 2014 5 26