Costa About

Hugo Ortiz, artistically known as Costa (b. October 11, 1979) is a Spanish rapper and audiovisual producer based in Madrid. He belongs to the Gamberros Pro collective, along with other Mcs like Chirie Vegas or Romo (MC). His current label is Grimey Music, the same as other artists such as Swan Fyahbwoy, Iván Nieto, Chulito Camacho, Xcese, Los Pepes, Denom, Ocer and Rade. He actively collaborates on his songs with groups like Natos y Waor, Carmona or Denom among others, with instrumental bases from DJ IKKI, in most of his compositions.

Costa Albums

Maldito Maldito Costa Released January 4, 2018 6 10
Inmortal Inmortal Costa Released 2014 8 11
Bestia Bestia Costa Released 2012 5 11
Morfina Morfina Costa Released March 12, 2010 2 18