CincoTheFlexGod About

CincoTheFlexGod, born on December 5th, in Chicago, Illinois. The “5th” is where he got the nickname “Cinco” from. As a new wave artist coming out of Atlanta, Georgia, he started putting out music mid-February in 2016. With tracks like “Sauce”, “Flexstar”, and “Breaking the Bank”, CincoTheFlexGod’s buzz as an American Hip-hop artist is slowly forming.


My music is fun music. Turn up music. There’s definitely some bars in there like metaphors and sometimes I’ll slide real feelings in there hoping
nobody notices, but all in all, it’s definitely music for someone to turn up and have fun to.

CincoTheFlexGod Albums

Calm Before the $torm Calm Before the $torm CincoTheFlexGod Released December 5, 2018 2 25