Cavin About

Started writing in the year 2014 when in middle school, and improved within the years. He’s dropped a few mixtapes under another alias a.k.a Intelllekt. Those mixtapes were deleted from the internet, but after a name change he released his first official mixtape “A Bitch Named Life.” Three months later he releases his sophomore mixtape “August 17” celebrating his 17th birthday. His new mixtape is a story about a boy and girl and what their lives were like when they met to when they last saw or spoke to each other.

Cavin Albums

Star Lord Star Lord Cavin Released June 14, 2019 3 35
Cavin Sinatra Cavin Sinatra Cavin Released July 19, 2018 7 35
“4 U” “4 U” Cavin Released 2018 2 36
A Bitch Named Life A Bitch Named Life Cavin Released May 31, 2016 5 35