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This is brenn. – the Norwegian duo forcing you to stare unblinkingly at their very own brand of colorful, luminescent and playful rock.

In the bright light of day, brenn. are Edvard Smith Save and Rémy Malchère Pettersen. The duo met during high school and have been fast friends ever since: «Are you a drummer?» Edvard asked Rémy abruptly the first day – a question which sparked and later ignited a unique collaboration between two very different people with one very kindred spirit – as musicians, songwriters and friends. Countless studio and live sessions later, they have garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of the most exciting artists in Norway, despite only releasing their debut album as late as October 2019. They have received universal critical and commercial acclaim for their unique sound and lyrics paired with their irrepressible and infectious energy on stage. Their sound can be described as a fusion of Nirvana’s savagery mixed with your favorite pop artist’s melodies.

​brenn. Albums

Elsker Elsker ​brenn. Released October 4, 2019 6 37