Benjamin Hav About

Benjamin Hav - formerly known as Benjah - is a Danish rapper and songwriter, who makes up one half of the duo Benal together with the producer Albert. The duo made their big breakthrough in 2017 with their second album, If It Really Is Important and the hit “Uh Babe”.

Alongside Benal, Benjamin Hav is also known for delivering features on several songs from Danish artists such as Emil Kruse and TopGunn, on “Air Tonight” and “Nik & Jay”, respectively.

On January 3, 2020, Benjamin Hav released his first solo release, the debut album Spice up your life. Just a week later, his second studio album, Dit syge dyr, was released, in which connection he also announced that he had finished with Albert and Benal.

Benjamin Hav Albums

Dit syge dyr Dit syge dyr Benjamin Hav Released January 10, 2020 6 52
Spice up your life Spice up your life Benjamin Hav Released January 3, 2020 6 51