Banana Spliff About

'90 -2000
Banana Spliff (Ancona) formed on the threshold of the new millennium from the union of the eponymous rap-duo (composed by Onto & Irak) with part of the collective previously known as BMW / Ruvidope Mcs / Beatsturee (Drugo & Dj Oskie). < / p>

2001- 2004
BeatBox and Rap live, Graffiti, Freestyle, beats, samples and lyrics;

They give life to “Il Mondo a Portata di Mano” (Sdrexx rec.), An album / cd that includes participations in the productions of the caliber of Dj Skizo, Squarta, Kaos, D-Sastro and FFiume.

It is on the wave of this latest collaboration that the project called "Rasklatt5" comes to light, a formation composed of the four members of Banana Spliff plus the beatmaker / mc FFiume. They got in touch with the independent label of Relief records and decided to publish a name Rasklatt5 the cd "Please note the total lack of Commercial Potential" (Relief / Sdrexx rec.), an album that is quite successful in the context of the Italian underground going live around the boot up to rank (Mood Magazine ) among the best of '08.

The group's activity continues inside the new studio (Hell'z Eye) in collaboration with the emerging duo from Ancona made up of the mc-producer-sound engineers Fez and La Scimmia of Neuro Garage. The collective Banana Spliff + Neuro Garage churns out in the autumn of 2009 the concept album "L'Isola della Morte" (Hell'z Eye / Sdrexx rec.) extending itself in the usual live more in a series of collaborations with exponents of the scene (the last in chronological order the one with the mc Gangji Killah on his new album X-Done - Hell'z Eye rec.)


They release the Sample-Set "Albo D'Oro" vol. 1 & 2 (Sdrexx rec.) online and return to the Hell'z Eye Studio to record what will be the tracks constituting the next work, "SPAGHETTI NIGHTMARE", by new as Banana Spliff. Out in October 2011, in addition to Dj Oskie, Kaos One, Dj Argento and Fez (producers already present in the previous works of "The Island of Death" and "Please Note The Total Lack of Commercial Potential" and "The Mondo A Portata Di Mano ") and will contain collaborations with overseas artists (5FT aka General Fever directly from the legendary Black Moon group and the current king of world rap Sean Price) and Italians (Danno aka JackLaMottaSulRing directly from Colle der Fomento, companions from Ancona Neuro Garage, and the voice of the emerging rock group Icani, Alfredo). "SPAGHETTI NIGHTMARE" will probably take the shape of vinyl .. STAY TUNED

Banana Spliff Albums

XVI Round XVI Round Banana Spliff Released October 18, 2017 6 42
Spaghetti Nightmare Spaghetti Nightmare Banana Spliff Released October 8, 2011 7 30