Bambee About

Desirée Sparre-Enger, or Bambee, is a notable Norwegian bubblegum pop artist. She’s famous for her songs such as “Candy Girl”, “Bumble Bee”, and “Spaceman”. Many of her songs have appeared on Dance Dance Revolution and In the Groove 2.

Bambee was born on June 25, 1976. At a young age, she was interested in music. When a producer reached out to her, she released her first single “Candy Girl”.

Her debut studio album “On Ice” was released in Japan in 1999 and 2000 in Norway. It was a success not only in her country, but in other countries such as Asia and Russia.

“Fairytales” would be the second and last album of Bambee. It was released in 2001. The album didn’t have much success due to the fall of bubblegum pop music. There was suppost to be a third studio album, but it was sadly scrapped.

Bambee Albums

Fairytales Fairytales Bambee Released 2001 6 65
On Ice On Ice Bambee Released 1999 3 54