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For Los Angeles native Aysha Monet, singing has always felt like her calling. Raised in the church, Aysha actually picked up music before school, when she took her first leap of faith at four years old by jumping on stage and singing with the church band.

It was the beginning of a lifelong love for music and performing, leading to the release of her debut project Don’t Forget.

Raised in the Hawthorne section of Los Angeles, Aysha honed her skills and worked hard to perfect her craft along the years. Since music felt like her destiny, it made sense to forego creating a stage name and choose her own real one, especially since it already had that star sound to it.

With her foundation set, she set to work on turning all her passion and love for the art into a cohesive project, culminating with her signing with Dom Kennedy’s OPM label and making the memorable Don’t Forget.

As a woman in a male-dominated and often misogynistic industry, Aysha felt it was important to represent a woman’s perspective. That mentality inspired the project’s title, which aims to remind men that they shouldn’t forget the negative things they put some women through.

“This album mainly expresses negative experiences that women have with men,” Aysha explains. “Like messing with men who constantly play games and being in toxic relationships.” Those games can have profound effects, a topic she explores throughout the 10-track project.

Given that she personifies overcoming struggles, the LP makes sure to also focus on recovery and growth, specifically with the final track “Don’t Change,” which gives Aysha and her listeners hope: for both the future and their own love lives.

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